About Me

Good day! My name is Vanessa Mayer and I have been working as a pediatrician for more than 19 years and at the same time, I wrote my works about children, about the difficulties of their upbringing, about the difficulties of overcoming the first diseases in a child’s life and in general about what knowledge you need to have before you bring a new life to this world.

I also have higher education as a child psychologist, which allows me to find a common language even with the most problematic and difficult child. Many points from my psychological practice are mentioned in my works and articles. And I am a respected specialist and therefore often travel around the country to give lectures or conduct seminars in various parts of the country and even further train specialists in the fields of pediatrics and child psychology.

You can definitely trust me because I am a mother of three children myself. My eldest child was born in 2001 and at that time there were no normal sources of information on child care and the right approach to children as they grow and develop in the first few months. After the birth of my second child in 2004, the situation repeated itself and I thought for a long time and came to the conclusion that I already have enough information that I could share with other people. I have long thought about the idea of creating a website for young mothers who no one can help.

I decided to create my own website in the end to help mothers who are confused by the endless amount of advice from mothers, sisters, and friends to finally understand motherhood. I have thanked the universe hundreds of times for being a pediatrician because it has helped me make my articles the most qualified and accurate.

Raising my first children, I realized that I was not very well versed in the field of child psychology and I decided to get a second higher education in this field. In 2008, I had my third child, a boy, on whom I also practiced my advice, which I now give in my blog. Over time, I decided to add articles to the blog with reviews of children’s products, because even with the appearance of the third child, I did not begin to understand them immediately and I had to spend hours searching for information. I understand that many people do not have time for this and therefore I write as detailed reviews as possible.

Now I am 47 years old and I am a practicing pediatrician with 19 years of experience and a practicing child psychologist with 14 years of experience. I am grateful to every visitor to my site and I am sure that here you will find exactly the information you need!

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