How Many Baby Bottles Do I Need For A Newborn?

Our children are our future. Taking care of children, you take care of the future!

 How Many Baby Bottles Do You Need?

 Loving parents want the best possible care for their baby and often ask questions about: “How many bottles do I need to buy for a newborn?” The range of children’s products is so great that sometimes it is not easy to make the right or best choice and buy exactly what you need.

 We will answer these questions and provide an overview of what you really need.

Bottles are made of glass, plastic, and silicones. Most often, glass bottles are bought for the smallest children, as an environmentally friendly product. Plastic bottles are much lighter in weight, safe to use, and more durable in terms of the number of sterilizations.

Some parents want to buy plastic free baby bottles for fear of the harmful substance bisphenol-A. If, when choosing, you pay attention to the “BPA-free” marking, then the plastic bottle will not contain a harmful substance and is perfect for a baby. The silicone material is non-allergenic, light in weight but not durable.

Baby bottles also differ in shape

  • round ones resemble the mother’s breasts 
  • the cylindrical shape is universal and practical
  • baby bottles with removable handles help over time baby can learn to hold the bottle on their own 
  • bottles with a valve, prevent air from entering 
  • in the form of a “donut” are suitable for children over one year old


And the design of baby bottles and their colors is another beautiful story. Green baby bottles, blue, pink, and yellow, you can be surprised for a long-time imagination; for fashionistas and fashionistas for every taste and mood. These are so useful and beautiful, vital baby bottles.

Their number depends on many factors: for instance, on the type of nutrition of the child, his age, and the characteristics of caring for him. Let’s take a closer look. And of course, baby bottles on clearance sale you always want to buy some for extra.

 how many baby bottles should i buy

How Many Baby Bottles Do You Need to buy?

 How many baby bottles do you need to buy will depend on the type of feeding:

  • Natural – breastfeeding and expressed milk
  • Mixed – mixture and breast milk at least 1/5 of the daily ration.
  • Artificial – breast milk makes up less than 1/5 percent of the daily ration. Basic feeding with mixtures.


For instance: an infant under six months who are breastfeeding. Breastfed need 4-5 bottles, with a volume of 60 – 250 ml. For expressed milk, tea, water. After half a year, you need a few more bottles with a wide neck and a volume of 200 – 300 ml for mashed potatoes and liquid cereals.

If the baby is mixed or artificially fed, then you will need more baby bottles, about 6 – 8 pieces, of different sizes for mixtures, cereals, tea, juices, fermented milk liquid products.

 The most advisable would be to buy several bottles of different sizes. Since the baby is growing very quickly, it is not worth buying a lot of bottles of the smallest volume. 

Where to store baby bottles? The special bag for baby bottles is ideal for compact storage and convenient use.

Silicone and latex teats are sold with bottles. They differ in degree of rigidity and have different hole diameters. Their shape can be round, like a mother’s nipple, or flattened, for the development of the correct bite of the baby. It is recommended to replace the nipples on the bottles every three months and check their integrity regularly

It is very important to maintain good bottles and nipples before and after first use. It is advisable to use hypoallergenic agents and sterilize them with boiling water.

Until how many months do you need to sterilize baby bottles? Up to six months, the child’s body does not have the necessary protective forces and a particularly careful approach is required, so many people prefer to use a sterilizer.

 how many bottles do i need for a newborn

The 3 Best Sterilizers in 2021

 A sterilizer is a device that destroys germs in a fast and high-quality manner. It replaces boiling and saves time and effort by ensuring that pathogenic bacteria and germs are destroyed.

 We will give a brief overview of the top three bottle sterilizer and tell you about the features of each of them:

  1. Baby Brezza Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer Machine
  2. Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Sterilizer
  3. Papablic Baby Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer

1) Baby Brezza Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer Machine 

 how many bottles do you need for a newborn

Bottle electric sterilizer Baby Brezza is a versatile 4-in-1 electric baby bottle sterilizer with a dryer. Sterilize and dry your newborn and baby bottles quickly and easily with the Baby Bottle Sterilizer Dryer

This universal 4-in1 machine can be used as:

  • Sterilizer only
  • Dryer only
  • Sterilizer and Dryer
  • Storage Rack. 

This electric machine uses natural steam to kill 99.9% of the germs in bottles, pacifiers, or breast pump parts in just 8 minutes. Then it automatically dries the leftover condensation in your choice of a drying cycle (30, 45, or 60-minute) with the easy-to-use control panel. The bottles remain sterile for up to 24 hours, or until the lid is open. The One Step Sterilizer Dryer holds up to 6 bottles plus accessories and works well with all bottle sizes.  

Product specs 

Weight6.29 pounds
Dimensions16.5 x 11.5 x 11.5 inches
Material freeBPA Free


2) Dr Brown Bottle Sterilizer Manual

how many bottles does a baby need

Dr. Brawn is a Bottle sterilizer and warmer 2 in 1 for baby food. 

Bottle sterilizer Dr Brown cleaning is a breeze thanks to its anti-scale protection. Has a large baby bottle sterilizer pot and a removable panel. 

The Dr. Brown bottle sterilizer uses steam to sterilize six bottles at once! This convenient electric steam sterilizer system fits ALL Dr. Brown’s bottles and most other bottle brands. Easy to use and operate, this unit features electronic controls with cycle indicators plus an auto shut-off when the cycle is complete. A removable tray is designed to position bottles, so steam is directed in each bottle. The built-in accessory tray holds bottle parts, nipples, and even pacifiers. Also includes tongs and a measuring cup and features an attractive new gray and white design. 

Product specs 

Weight5.6 pounds
Dimensions13.3 x 12.8 x 10 inches
Material freeBPA Free


3) Papablic Baby Bottle Electric Sterilizer and Dryer

how many bottles for baby

Bottle sterilizer and heater 3 in1 have a large “sterilization pot for baby bottles”, and a collapsible dryer. Convenient as a travel bottle sterilizer and as a portable bottle sterilizer

This 3-in-1 device delivers a powerful steam-powered machine with hot air-drying technology to keep your baby bottles, breast pump pieces, pacifiers, teethers, and plastic toys clean, dry, and smelling fresh! 

 Clean up to ten bottles and accessories in the large capacity machine at a time. The tall basket, accessory tray, and lid are all removable so that you can stack the dryer in three different configurations, depending on what you need to clean.

 It also delivers practical storage to keep your new baby bottles safe lurking in your room. Simply keep the lid on for over 12 hours of storage. Like all Papablic products, the 3-in-1 Baby Bottle Sterilizer is backed by a 100% guarantee and was specifically designed with your happy family in mind.

Product specs 

Weight4 pounds
Dimensions3 x 4 x 3 inches
Material freeBPA Free

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