How to Buy Best Baby Crib Accessories

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of preparing for the appearance of a baby in the house is the equipment of his own room, in which he will live at least 17-18 years, so everything should be thought out wisely. 

Crib accessories are one of the most important parts of it. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a crib or Wallpaper, lighting or curtains, diapers or toys – all this allows you to include your personal interior designer, who will tell you exactly what your baby will need. It is very difficult to stop in the process of equipping a room because you want to buy sweet and graceful baby crib accessories, as well as the best. But do not forget that for the first time the child will not need a large amount of clothing, since in the first year he will grow out of it every three weeks. 

We run the risk of choosing the cutest Wallpaper with kittens, the most adorable pillows with giraffes, while we do not really need them. Sometimes such “madness” goes to extremes! In the end, it is not necessary to draw fairies on the inner walls of the wardrobe with clothes for the child or buy a large amount of extremely beautiful baby crib accesories. This is simply not necessary in the first months or even in the first 1-1,5 years of a child’s life. 

It’s been a long time since you carefully chose between pink and blue baby cribs accessories. Today, parents are divided into minimalists and maximalists: the former prefer the most simple lines for the baby, a simple calm shade of the walls, monotony in everything, while the latter prefer bright showcases and chandeliers, crazy colors, and a lot of children’s toys everywhere. If you are hesitating between these two camps, then you should definitely read this article, because here we will tell you and show you how to choose the best accessories for your children’s room.


Finding the Best Baby Crib Accessories

When choosing a crib, you will hear as much advice from the outside as when choosing a child’s name, but do not rely only on advice: pay attention to the style of your apartment (since you will need to use this crib for more than one year), your own preferences for the location of the crib, your budget and the expected safety of your child while he is in this bed.

 About security and baby bed accessory. When choosing a crib and baby crib accessories, you should look for the number 2011. And no, it’s not the number of sleepless nights or baby diapers, it’s the year the Commission adopted uniform standards for cots. Baby cots after 2011 must have a certain number of qualities to enter the market. Of course, you couldn’t buy a crib and take it from your cousin or aunt as a family heirloom, but in this case, the manufacturer will not be responsible for the safety of your baby while in the crib not only because of a crib but also because of baby bed accessories. Therefore, it is better to pay a little more and buy a bed released after 2011. 

Do you want maximum security for your baby? If the crib you choose has wheels, make sure they can lock in place. Also, you should pay attention to the width of the bed plank, look for no wider than 2 3/8 inches. You must be completely sure that your baby will not be able to scratch or catch on the crib, it should not have sharp edges, chipped paint, and just sharp places. You really don’t need any baby crib attachments.

The mattress for the crib should be selected as perfectly as possible in size, there should be no gaps at the edges, it should not “ride” on the bed. Of course, the market represented a huge number of children’s cots Cribs, and accessories for cribs in a variety of price ranges. You should study the reviews of other parents to make sure the quality of a particular crib and its ease of Assembly. Many American parents chose the Dream On Me, Carson Classic 3 in 1 Convertible Crib, as it will fit perfectly into almost any interior, is easy to assemble, and can also turn into a couch, so you can use it for many years. In addition, such and also these baby cribs and accessories are available in a wide variety of shades of nine colors, and the paint for the cots is completely non-toxic.

dream on me classic toddler bed

Crib Accessories: Less is More

We all know this temptation when choosing baby crib accessories. There are so many cute accessories! But at the same time, the crib should be the most minimalistic part of the baby’s room, leave room for your imagination for a large number of accessories on shelves, walls, curtains, and the like. It is worth noting that curtains should not be within reach of the crib. 

There should be nothing potentially dangerous near the baby: no curtains, blinds, ropes, and other things that can be knocked off the wall or injured by them. Furthermore, there even shouldn’t be any crib accessories to help the baby sleep. You just think that the newborn is a harmless flower that can not harm itself, but in fact, most often his curiosity takes over and he becomes as mischievous as possible.

 With a small fidget, it is worth keeping everything dangerous out of reach. Once you’ve decided on a crib, it’s time to choose your bedding. Just with its help, you can easily set the style of the entire nursery, and elegant safe skirts on the sheet will make the crib stylish and at the same time as safe as possible. 

The crib itself should be covered with a simple fitted sheet so that the child does not get confused and hurt. Many parents often wonder whether they should buy a bumper or not. Many modern researchers argue that a soft bumper can cause potentially possible suffocation, modern parents are popular for an excellent replacement for such bumpers: breathable mesh inserts with a huge variety of available colors and patterns.

baby crib accessory

 If you want to add the very cute bear or the very soft pillows to the crib of the baby, wait for a little. At the moment, it is better to keep the crib completely empty for the safety of the baby.

The Best Mobiles in 2021

baby crib accessory

Where you can add a little pizzazz safely—and have something that’s not only cute but also functional—is with such baby crib accessory as the mobile.

These popular crib accessories have been beloved by new parents for years not just because they are cute and colorful or tie a nursery theme together but also because they can work to soothe a fussy baby.

Look for mobile with soothing music. (A variety of tunes is ideal. One melody repeated over and over may drive you nuts, even if your little one likes it). Mobile attachments should be visually stimulating but not scary. You don’t see many clown mobiles for the crib and for good reason.

1) The Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1

baby crib accesories

The Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 projection mobile soothes babies with classic lullabies as well as heartbeat and womb sounds. It also converts to a crib side music box with ceiling projection once your baby’s little hands start to grab for it.

2) SHILOH Baby Infant Crib Stroller Mobile

baby cribs accessories

The Shiloh mobile will keep your future musical prodigy entertained with a whopping 60 songs. It comes in a variety of styles to match your nursery décor.

3) Tiny Love Classic Mobile

baby bed accessory

The Tiny Love Classic Mobile plays 20 minutes of continuous music. The music box can also be detached later to continue to use once your little one outgrows the mobile stage. Remember, once babies start to push UP, it’s time for the mobile to come DOWN. For most infants, this will be around the four-to-five month mark so mobile with a detachable music box will definitely get you more bang for your buck.

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