How to paint a crib: a step-by-step guide

Buying a baby crib is only the first step, it still needs to be painted. The paint material must be safe and environmentally friendly, and it is also desirable that it does not have a strong smell. How to paint a crib correctly, what steps should be taken to do this, and is it safe to paint a baby crib? We will learn about this in this article.

 Guide to painting a crib

 Furniture that does not contain toxic elements is chosen for the child. The most popular option – a wooden crib. Now available in many varieties, so you can choose the right option for your baby.

It is necessary to choose a crib, given its size and height, so that the child could sleep comfortably on it for at least two years. 

 There is also another important criterion of choice – security. It is recommended to choose a crib with protective skirts to protect the child when he sleeps from falling.

 Suitable characteristics: 

  •         the distance between the laths of the side parts is within seven centimeters; 
  •         all parts fit together tightly; 
  •         open crib elements are smooth and corner with rounded ends.

 After the purchase of a suitable crib, you can begin to choose the paint for it. Painting the crib for the child is important in case it is already old, or the color of the new crib is not satisfied with you, then you can choose a color scheme of several colors.

Can you paint a crib yourself? There’s nothing complicated about it, and even if you don’t know how to use paintbrushes, it will still be easy and fun. 

 If the old paintwork material has exfoliated, it will require repainting a crib. This work requires attention to turn out beautifully.


 Is it safe to paint a crib?

It is recommended to use paint for baby crib not only for beauty but also to extend the life of furniture and ensure the safety of the child so that splinters from the wooden crib body do not fall under the skin.

 Can you paint a baby crib, but do not know what kind of paint is best? To understand this, you need to know which formulations are usually used by manufacturers. Typically used oil paints that improve the appearance of the crib, giving it a velvety tone, protecting the wood from contamination and various damages.

 Used lacquers are not water-based and do not have a pungent odor and allow you to enjoy watching the pictures of natural wood. But they are afraid of chemical products for furniture care, so they can only be wiped with a wet cloth.

 For work, it is important to choose non-toxic paints, to take precautions. It is not desirable for the expectant mother to renew the coating herself. It is necessary to involve close people in this process.

Important: for children’s furniture it is necessary to choose the paint carefully, as it must meet all safety parameters and do not include dangerous connections.

 Description of common paints

  •         Acrylics on water bases. Persistent, easy to use, do not spoil from constant cleaning. But their cost is quite high.
  •         Nitrous paints. Create a durable coating, protected from fires. They dry quickly, do not have a strong odor, they have a low price for painting – 1 sq.m.
  •         Water emulsion paints. Non-toxic, easy to cover furniture, odorless, can close the cracks with a recess of 1-2 mm, hold up to 5 years maximum.
  •         Wax oils. Create a quality coating due to the good composition. The oils are absorbed into the wood, and wax provides an external water repellent coating. The only negative quality is the high cost.

 When selecting the paint it is necessary to familiarize yourself with certificates of compliance with the conclusions issued by the state supervisory authorities.


How to paint a baby crib in 7 steps?

It is recommended to make a surface primer before applying the final coating to the product. Children’s furniture is a suitable water-dispersion primer based on acrylic. It will fill the pores of the material, improve the adhesion (adhesion) of the coating with the surface and, importantly, reduce paint consumption. If there are small defects in the wood, the primer aligns them. The method of application depends on the manufacturer: some allow working with a roller or a brush, others recommend spraying.

 The process of painting baby crib with your own hands depends on what model you have purchased or decided to repaint the old crib.

 Painting a new product: to work you need tools such as a brush, roller, sponge. A roller is needed for painting large parts, and a sponge with a brush is needed for small parts.


 Clean surfaces from dust and dirt

Before painting baby crib, wipe the product surface with a damp cloth (you can use an additional detergent for furniture) and let dry.

 baby safe furniture paint

 Grind the wood

 Before applying a new crib paint, make sure there are no defects in the product. If they are, first remove the old paint layer. To do this, refinishing a crib with fine sandpaper.

 Walkthrough the surface of a piece of sandpaper. Use a fine-grained: it will not cause deep damage. It is more efficient to perform sanding in the direction of the wood pattern – so you get a flat and smooth surface without scratches.

 Distribute a layer of primer along the perimeter of the product and close the defects (cracks, damage) putty – so the adhesion of materials will be the strongest. After that, degrease the surface.

 Then you need to smear the small cracks with a putty that fits the color of wood, and then with sandpaper. Grind all the places where the putty was applied with sandpaper.

 can i paint a crib

 Remove the remaining grinding dust

 You can use a damp cloth to remove any remaining dust after processing the wood. Go through all the corners in the dust removal process. There may be dirt in these areas that may mix with the paint you will be applying. After wet treatment, take a dry and clean cloth to remove any remaining water or moisture. At the end of these procedures, re-cover everything with a primer.

 baby furniture paint

Pick the right paint color 

Experiment with a palette of colors – correctly selected, combined colors will bring fresh unusual notes to the room space, helping to visually expand it. Playing on the contrasts of color options for walls and furniture, you are free to realize any of your creative ideas.

 Safety for the child is the most important thing, so first of all, when choosing a color, it is important that the paint label says “crib safe paint” or simply “safe”. It is very important to make sure that the paint on furniture and your child is not toxic.

 The best paint for baby crib is the one that is produced on a water base. Other popular options – there are emulsion and dispersion compositions that differ from others at an affordable price. But, unfortunately, these materials are short-lived and not resistant to cleaning.

 As for the choice of color, the most common way to painting a crib white water-based paint. Tip: it is recommended to buy more paint to cover a possible error in calculating the amount of paint. Also, if you have more paint left, you can always change the color or use it for another project.

 paint safe for cribs

 Use brushes of different sizes

 For painting a crib well-suited nylon brushes medium size. Use for work 2 such models and a few small ones to cover all the complex and difficult to access areas.

 baby safe crib paint

 Apply the first coat of paint

 Once you have chosen your favorite paint colors, you can start applying the first coat. You will need to make smooth brush movements up and down the crib.

 Leave the applied composition to dry for four hours, then apply a second coat. If you choose baby safe paint for crib, one coat is enough, but the second layer will provide the deepest color and reliability, i.e. it will not lose its properties and will not be erased even with mechanical action.

 Let the paint dry

 Let the paint dry overnight or as long as it takes for the paint you choose (you can check this information in the label).

 Modern paints take less time to completely dry, and they do not smell, so there should be no problems. But in any case, it is recommended to air the room for two days by opening the windows and doors.


Your perfectly painted baby crib!

 We wish you success in your work and look forward to seeing pictures of your painted baby crib in the comments. Please, share your experience with us! 

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